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Critically-Acclaimed Author, Celebrated Spoken Word Artist, and Successful Business Owner

Naiomi Pitre is a force to be reckoned with! 

In her debut novel, BROKEN VOWS, an intense drama unfolds between a jealous husband who lacks self-esteem and a sexually explorative wife who craves a taste of the forbidden.  Book clubs, reviewers, and readers alike are raving about this sizzling story! 

Naiomi's second book was released in 2007, IN THE PANTY DRAWER - Journey Into The Mind of a Sexual Woman, and quickly followed in the footsteps of BROKEN VOWS as a new favorite read!  Pitre has also recently released a new steamy erotic poetry CD entitled HOW NASTY IS TOO NASTY.  Her current projects are as follows: 

  • Secrets Under The Sheets (a second short-story compilation)
  • Sebastian Knight (a dark exploration into the mind of a seductive Black cult leader)
  • Http://www.BestGirlfriendYouNeverHad.com - an authority site where you will get valuable information and advice on love, sex, business, money, weight loss, and much more!  (Site currently under construction, but you can subscribe to the YouTube Videos now at http://www.YouTube.com/user/NaiomiP !)
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BROKEN VOWS is a genuine story about a couple who could be your next door neighbors. They have been highly involved in their church, but have been on the backsliding tip for the last few months.  Perhaps this letting down of their spiritual defenses is what allows the spirit of jealousy to seep into their marriage and take over.  Dominic Long silently resents the fact that his wife is the primary bread-winner in their household while he struggles to get his own business off the ground.  This self-loathing creates an atmosphere of distrust and jealousy that results in a physical confrontation, which drives Yvonne out of their home.  Turning to the person she trusts the most, Julie, her secretary, Yvonne enters into a world that she only fantasized about in the past.  She explores her sexual desires with this redheaded siren, unknowingly giving her husband time to fight his own infidelity demons as well.  

"All writers put a part of themselves into their characters.  Yvonne and I share similar characteristics, more than I care to admit sometimes.  I believe that my debut novel will spark conversation amongst readers about subjects that we all find to be taboo.  Is it true that every woman wonders about having a sexual tryst with a person who is as soft as she?  Can a strong marriage endure extramarital dalliances?  BROKEN VOWS will answer these questions and challenge readers to be more open minded about their views on relationships and sexual urges." - Naiomi Pitre



What The Readers Have To Say

Had me wondering...9 Oct 2006
"Broken Vows was a joy to read. The author has a superb writing style that draws you into the story from the very first page!
The way Naiomi has developed her plot and characters as well as pulling you into their lifestyle makes you feel as though you know them personally!
Naiomi Pitre is definitely making her mark in the literary field and I am looking forward to reading more of her work in the future! "

Melissa, author of Betta' Shop Around
Really great read!! 5 Sep 2006
"I read this book in 2 days..would have been one if I didn't have to work the next day, lol..that says a lot...I love reading books that I don't want to put down and Broken Vows did that for me...There were a lot of twists that I wasn't expecting and often I was like 'wow'...I wish there was just a lil more explanations behind some things, but other than that, this book was a wonderful read...the steamy parts were steamy enuff to make me wanna take a cold shower after reading, lol...can't wait for the next book to come out cuz I want to know more!!"

Leila, author of Survivn' the Game
Broken Vows Review 24 Jul 2006 
"Broken Vows by Naiomi Pitre is a wonderful exploration of a Christian marriage tempted by lust. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Long. They are the ideal, church-going couple with grandiose dreams and goals. Mrs. Long does whatever to please her man, and Mr. Long worships the ground she walks on. However, when lust steps in, the two can't fight back their urges to taste the forbidden. Will they let the other women destroy what God has put together?

I enjoyed Naiomi Pitre's novel. It was well written and very realistic. The author did not hold anything back from the candid language to the sensual sex scenes. If you are tired of Christian novels that skate around reality then you are ready for Broken Vows, where nothing is held back. "

- Karlyn LeBlanc, author of Characters Of Lust and CEO of Journee Publishing, LLC

I loved it!   4 Jun 2006 
"The author handed me one of her cards while she was in my store two weeks ago. I was impressed by her aggressiveness and confidence. This is what made me go to the site and check out the book. She told me that if I liked E. Lynn Harris and Zane, I would love her work. After reading this novel in four days, I would have to agree with her. Naiomi Pitre writes some very sexy, steamy scenes that make you feel like you need to take a long cold shower! The story line was strong and the characters were realistic. I am waiting for part 2! If possible, I would like to invite the author to attend my book club meeting to speak to my members next month? I know they will love the book because we just finished Nervous by Zane, and we are looking for something hot to read - this fits the bill! "

IN THE PANTY DRAWER - Available now!

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